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Correspondent of "Prestupnosti.NET" was attacked by vice director of company "Mechaniky Ukrainy"

18.08.2014, 22:32

A representative of the Greek company «Mechaniky Ukraina», which owns a network of shopping malls in Odesa, was threatening the correspondent of "Prestupnosti.NET" Ramdela Aliyeva. This was reported on the Mykolayiv website of "Prestupnosti.NET".

On Saturday, August 16, the correspondent of "Prestupnosti.NET" Ramdela Aliyeva was attacked by a representative of the company «Mechaniky Ukraina». Near a local shopping mall "Afina", the "Prestupnosti.NET"’ filming crew was filming the survey by the NGO "Odesyty". They were approached by the vice-director of the company « Mechaniky Ukraina», who informed them that the territory of this shopping mall and the sidewalk around it is a territory of a different country so no filming crews were allowed there. First, he was trying to send the volunteers away, but then began to threaten the correspondent of "Prestupnosti.NET" and interfere with her work. He also promised to smash the camera.   

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