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Convicted drug dealer in Russia gives a "lesson in bravery" to children from the occupied territories – NRC

15.12.2023, 10:41

In a Russian children's camp where children from the occupied territories were also brought, a PMC "Wagner" fighter who was sentenced to 8 years and two months in a high security prison for illegal drug trafficking gave the pupils "a lesson in bravery", reports the National Resistance Center.

"He was recruited to PMC 'Wagner' and went to Ukraine in 2022. Half a year later his contract expired, and he is now giving 'lessons in bravery' to children," notes the NRC.

As reported by IMI, Russians are holding a campaign called "Letter to a Soldier" in elementary schools in the occupied Ukrainian territories. Children are essentially forced to write letters to the Russian occupiers as dictated by their "teachers". Moreover, the occupiers brought in additional Russian language teachers from Russia. The Russia-installed authorities in the occupied territories of Ukraine were instructed by the Kremlin to involve more children in propaganda programs. The Ukrainian underground resistance has noted that the Russians are working with the children starting in first grade, for instance, by organizing drawing contests with a propagandistic theme.

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