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Conflict between the governor of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and 1+1 channel journalist

22.11.2011, 01:48
Metropolitan of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl, the governor of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Paul is indignant over the interest of journalists from “1+1” TV Channel in cars and cell-phones of vicars and the fact that they shoot Lavra with hidden camera. He also says about legal action over “abasement of honour, dignity, professional reputation of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and hierarchy” in “1+1” news. An open Appeal on this matter was sent to General Manager of "1 +1" Channel Alexander Tkachenko.
According to the bishop, "the fact of biased and preconceived presentation of information on the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and the hierarchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church" by the  staff of "1 +1" channel made him address the letter .
Metropolitan Paul writes that on July 21th he invited the crew of "1 +1", namely the journalist Mykhailo Tkach, for an interview and a tour to the Lavra, "in order to show the true state of the sacred object  and religious life, and refute charges to the monastery which were expressed by him on the air of “1+1" TV channel.  The meeting was held on July 25.
“On arriving to the territory of Lavra, the crew shot footage with video camera and hidden camera without permission, paying no attention to remarks of the officials, dropping the camera down and continuing to record. By these actions, the film crew of "1 +1" TV channel has violated the rules of the monastery and my civil right for privacy. In the programs of your TV channel there have already been stories in which journalists ridiculed Lavra, the governor, brethren, people who are working here and who are in the pilgrimage, including the hierarchy, the elderly, "- it is said in the letter.
The bishop believes that such behavior is unacceptable for journalists, and what the film crew of "1 +1" TV channel was doing indicates their "lack of knowledge of professional-ethical norms of journalistic behavior and, consequently, their low professional level."
According to Metropolitan, Mykhailo Tkach behaved "improperly, familiar and contemptuous." Therefore, he asked Oleksandr Tkachenko to pay attention to how the journalist of "1 +1" Channel, while performing his professional duties, "leads a conversation on topics that, according to him, are interesting to audience: all sorts of gossip that is untrue, and "favorite" subjects of journalists about cars and telephones of hierarchy."
According to Mr Tkachenko, he examined the circumstances contained in the Metropolitan’s Appeal. "I consider the intervention of the Church in the editorial policy of media illegal, but respecting the feelings of believers, and recognizing that the plot can be seen as ambiguous, we do not put the conversation of the journalist with Metropolitan Paul on air. At the same time I consider the behavior of the journalist Michael Weaver professional and correct "- the head of the channel said.
This is not the first time that the Governor of Lavra has conflict with journalists. Earlier, he frightened journalists by the court of God. And also has called the journalist of "Ukrayinska Pravda" Serhiy Leshchenko insane because Mr Leschenko posted photos of "Mercedes' owned by the Head of the UOC-MP Vladimir’s in his blog.
ІМІ, June 29, 2011
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