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Computers of Yatseniuk and Ukrainian embassies were cyber-attacked from Russia

08.08.2014, 18:51

Dozens of computers in the office of the Prime Minister of Ukraine and at least 10 of the Ukrainian embassies abroad have been infected by spyware connected to Russia. This was reported by Financial Times.

The cyber attack also hit the embassies of Germany, China, Poland, and Belgium. As a result of the attack, the cyber criminals gained access to sensitive diplomatic information. The news about this cyber campaign has appeared as the relations between Russia and Ukraine have become even tenser.

 The source of this information is the company dealing in cyber security Symantec; it was confirmed by the FT's sources in the intelligence services. These cyber attacks were the latest manifestation of the virus ‘Ouroboros’, whose danger has been actively discussed in the previous months.

In its report, Symantec informed that this virus infected 60 computers in the office of the Prime Minister of one of post-Soviet countires, and that this attack began in May of 2012 and is still being carried out. An anonymous source for Financial Times in the intelligence service of one of the NATO countries specified that it was about Uktaine. 

An expert in cyber wars at the Royal United Services Institute, Peter Roberts pointed out that, unlike regular virii that act without any system, this virus targets governmental computers specifically. He believes it is quite grounded to state that ‘Ouroboros’ was developed by Russian specialists.  

This virus was identified by the British aeospace military group Bae System in early March. Experts say this cyber attack is one of the strongest in the recent years. 

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