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Company complains about journalists of "Avers" to police and National Council

06.03.2018, 10:48
LLC “Tsunami”, which was accused by the journalists of “Avers” of beating and conducting illegal activities, demand to refute the information that affects the business reputation of the enterprise. “Detector media” got this information from “Tsunami”. Representatives of LLC “Tsunami” filed a complaint to Rozhyshchyn police department in Volynska oblast about “group of individuals committing actions that have properties of crime described in part 1 of article 162, part 1 of article 231, part 1 of article 293 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine”. The complaint is about four individuals trespassing the private territory (as it was clarified later, the journalist IDs of these people were expired) trespassed private territory without notifying the owners, were conducting video and photo records of the private property, and were collecting information that constitutes trade secret. The applicants also complained about inaction of the police on this case. After the police did not take action, the enterprise "Tsunami" filed a claim to the local court, which judged the complained valid and ordered to satisfy it. “Tsunami” also demanded "Avers" to refute the data that they broadcasted as "false and damaging the reputation" of owners. The complaint, in particular, was about journalists' reports of “data of allegedly hundreds of unmarked lumber pieces, attack of armed men against journalists, beating and taking of cell phone … which are not supported by any evidence”. As IMI reported on this incident, on February 26, TV channel “Avers” released statement on obstruction to journalist activities by unknown men on the territory of LLC "Tsunami" in the city of Rozhyshche (Volynska oblast). Journalists had their camera and cell phone taken by force, and the camera was damaged at that. According to the channel, armed men attacked their filming crew as they were taking footage concerning illegal cutting of oak. Acting vice-head of investigations department of Volynska Oblast National Police branch Andriy Lytvyn commented that based on complaints of the journalist, criminal proceeding was started based on article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. He also said that during the conflict the journalists were not injured.
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