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Communal newspaper claims about political pressure

25.01.2013, 01:39
 The collective of Novyny Vynohradivschyny, the only communal newspaper of the Vynohradivsky district of the Zakarpattya Oblast, claims about pressure of the district council head and political repression. This is stated in a public address of the newspaper, which was posted at their web site on January 22.

According to the statement, on January 21, 2013, Vinohradivsky District Council head Oleh Lyubimov, with his order №3"K", in violation of the communal newspaper’s statute, dismissed Vassyl Kish from the position of chief editor. "The formal reason was that the labor contract of the editor had expired. However, we believe that the real reason is a political repression by the district council chairman, "- the collective’s statement reads.

The statement also notes that, more than 4 years ago, the whole collective was derived of rights of the newspaper co-founders, and the employees turned into a regular workforce. The newspaper collective points out that, after Vasyl Kish became the editor-in-chief, they have never had any delays of wages, the newspaper subscription increased. In addition, the Uzhgorodsky Press Club called Novyny Vynohradivschyny the district newspaper of the year in 2011.

"The balanced position of our editor, who does not serve our local famous political force, disappoints the District Council head and his patrons. These politicians do not care about the fate of newspapers. After all, soon there will be local elections, and their last chance is to curb uncontrolled district newspaper " - the statement reads.

The newspaper collective asks members of the Vynohradivskiy District Council to extend the labor contract with V.Kish as the chief editor of Novyny Vynohradivschyny communal newspaper.

Vynohradivsky District Council chairman Oleh Lyubimov told UNIAN: "In 2010, the District Council decided to appoint V.Kish as the chief editor. He signed a contract for three years. In January 20, 2013, the term of his contract expired, so, under the current legislation, the next day I broke the contract. I do not see any political motives, because if it was a political persecution, the contract would be terminated before it expires."

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