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Committee of Voters of Ukraine named parties that spend state funds to promote themselves the most

16.08.2017, 15:38
The political parties are buying advertisement in bulk with the state funds. This was reported by the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU), whose experts within the framework of the project “Doslivno” analyzed the financial reports of the parliamentary political parties for the 2nd quarter (April-June) of 2017. The parties had to submit corresponding reports to the National Agency on Corruption Prevention and to publish them on their websites by August 9. As CVU reports, Oleh Liashko’s Radical Party, “Samopomich,” and “Opposition Bloc” spent significant shares of the funds for political advertisement. Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc is investing funds in development of the party network. “Narodny Front” and “Batkivshchyna” are spending all their money on renting of premises and wages. During April-June, Oleh Liashko’s Radical Party spent on their statutory activities UAH 13 mln, of which 12.8 mln was from the state funds. Of all funds, 45% was spent on TV advertisement: the largest sum, 3.2 mln, was paid to LLC “Information Agency “112-Ukraina” and 1.9 mln – to LLC “Novyny 24”. For comparison: Oleh Liashko’s Radical Party spent UAH 2.4 mln on wages and 0.3 mln on renting of premises. “Samopomich” spent in three months 19.8 mln., of which 98% were the State budget’s funds. The largest part, 26% of the entire sum, “Samopomich” spent on publishing activities, namely on print and distribution of the party newspaper. More than 1 mln was spent on advertisement on TV and radio. 23% of the funds was spent on material expenses and service fees, 19% – on wages, and 8% – on renting of premises. “Opposition Bloc” for the first time submitted its report about spending funds from the state budget. During April-June, the party spent the least of all political forces – UAH 3 mln (1.3 mln – funds from the state budget). Opposition Bloc spent one third of all its funds on political advertisement. In particular, 1 mln was spent on placing external political advertisement, and 1.5 mln. – on renting of premises. Advertisement materials were paid by the party’s own funds. Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc “Solidarnist” during the 2nd quarter spent only the funds from the state budget. In total, it spent UAH 22.1 mln, which is the highest number among all the parties. 62% of the funds was spent on daily operations of local party branches, 9% – on wages, 7% – on material expenses and service fees. “Batkivshchyna” spent on its activities UAH 4.3 mln (of them 4 mln – the funds from the state budget). One third of the funds, 32%, “Batkivshchyna” spent on renting of premises, 28% – on material expenses and service fees, and 14% – on wages. “Narodny Front” spent in three months UAH 21.3 mln., of which 18.7 mln were the funds from the state budget. All expenses were spent on wages (36%), renting of premises (37%) and payment of taxes and charges (24%). The party’s central apparatus has a staff of 27 persons, in local brnahces – 616. At that, none of the party’s local branches has a status of a legal entity, which proves the centralized nature of party management. “In the 2nd quarter, Liashko’s Radical Party and “Samopomich” continue a shameful practice of spending state funds on self-advertisement. Instead of developing their local branches, train their staff and activists, work with their voters, these political forces merely engrossing advertisement, actually wasting taxpayers’ money”, CVU head Oleksiy Koshel pointed out.
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