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Commission on journalism ethics condemned “1+1” TV channel for report on “Servant of the People” party

12.07.2019, 15:19
The Commission on journalism ethics (CJE) has publicly condemned the "1 + 1" TV channel due to the report on the political party "Servant of the People", as the decision of the Commission on journalism ethics’s dated of July 11th reads. The CJE received a complaint about the report "Pre-election competition" that had been aired in the newscast of TSN (19:30) on June 25 at “1+1” TV channel. The report spoke of  majoritarian candidates from the party "Servant of the people" in Kyiv. The Commission on journalism ethics notes that the report violated the article 6 (Respecting public's right to full and objective information on facts and events), 9 (facts, judgments and assumptions should be clearly separated from each other) and 10 (well-balanced points of view) Code of ethics of the Ukrainian journalist. "The report retells the position of the officials of the" Servant of the People "party, voiced by them at a press conference. In particular, the report had the direct discourse  of 6 candidates for parliamentary election from a political party, including journalist for “1+1” Serhiy Shvets and general director of the “1 + 1” media channel group and co-owner of the TV channel, Oleksander Tkachenko. At the same time, the news presenter and the author of the report also convey exclusively the position of the party and its promises ", the CJE said. In the opinion of the commission, this is evidence that the report aimed not to fully inform the audience about the problems and possible ways of their solution, but rather to increase interest to some specific political force, and this has signs of election campaigning. "Thus, the report is entirely devoted to the coverage of the election promises of candidates for the political party" Servant of the people ". At the same time, journalists use a number of evaluative judgments that they do not try to verify, to cast doubts about or to submit to independent experts who could assess the program ideas which were presented, "the CJE said.
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