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Co-owner of "Quarter 95" TV production group supports reduction of language quotas and the abrogation of language law

31.05.2019, 18:01
Photo credits: "Detektor Media"
Boris Shefir, co-owner of “Quarter 95” TV production group, supports the reduction of language quotas and the abolition of the law on language. He also guesses that Ukraine needs state TV channel, not public one, as he said interviewed by “Detector Media”. "Quotas and prohibitions are bad. All of them. This is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine. Article 10th, which refers to the official language, is usually half-quoted. The second part of the article stipulates that the regional languages and Russian (which is set apart) have to be supported and developped by the state. The quotas, this is not development, this is a suppression of the language. Of course, the Ukrainian language needs to be supported and developed. But not by means of quota, but by some other means, for example, with some preferences, for example by means of tax imposition, " he said. Borys Shefir added, the Ukrainian language should become trendy, and production into Ukrainian language has to be commercially attractive. Actually, in his opinion there is "no need to exploit abusively the issue of language, this divides the society". "First we need to stop the war, and then solve other problems," he said. "I expect they will revise the language quotas. 90% (of must-be television production in Ukrainian) is a lot. The language law must be abrogated and they have to adopt rightl law. This is the first step to cease the war, " Shefir said. He also guesses there is no necessity to prohibit the import of Russian-language books to Ukraine. "The same with books. Why to prohibit? You can also exempt from taxes the book in Ukrainian language, and to raise taxes for books in Russian language. But don’t forbid them. Look at Ukrainian public television. This is the most deplorable TV channel, " he said, referring to the public broadcaster "UA: Pershyy". In his opinion, Ukraine needs state TV channel, not only public one. "They have to allocate lots of money for it. In order, this channel worked like ORT (First Channel - Ed.) works (in Russia). This is the richest TV channel in Russia. Give them money, and let it be only in Ukrainian language. And let them engage the most talented persons and make the super great production. The state TV channel should be only one, this is the voice of the state ", Shefir said. IMI informed, on May 23rd, representatives of civil society expressed their concern about the first decisions of the newly elected President, Volodymyr Zelensky. And they drew the list of “red lines not to cross” for the head of state, violations of which will lead to deterioration of both internal political and external situation around Ukraine. In particular, "red lines" mean not to allow the revision of the law on language, and not to allow attempts to cancel independence of the public broadcaster.
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