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Chornomorska employees not allowed in TV-station’s building

08.02.2013, 08:07
 Employees of the Chornomorska TV-Radio station, who on February 7 participated in strikes over unpaid wages, were not allowed to come their workplaces on February 8. “Khvylya” news service chief Oleksander Hubarev said this to "Argumenty Nedeli - Crimea".

"About 9 o'clock, news department and other employees, who yesterday went on strike, gathered at the door - we were not allowed to work: the event was fixed by cameras of Crimean TV-channels. Later Chornomorska President Elena Titarenko, with her husband, a lawyer, came and gave orders to let journalists only in line with a special list. Thus, Chornomorska turned into a classified site"- he said.

He added that journalists called the police and wrote an application on this fact.

"Policemen went into the office of the company’s president, there was a long conversation, journalists, who were not allowed, including Volodymyr Andronaki, wrote applications. There will be an investigation, "- said Hubarev.

The strike continues and will continue until full repayment.

"Those who came today, including myself, we will not work - that's for sure. We demand a full repayment. Pieces of wages do not suit us. It's all a matter of principle: we will not work until they will not hold a constructive dialogue. As for they leadership – they take some bold incomprehensible actions: today we were scared with the Criminal Code, and now they could not find anything else but to not let us work "- the journalist stressed.

He told that the news for the channel will be produced by invited journalists.

As IMI reported earlier, on February 7, TV-channel members went on strike due to non-payment of their salaries. The founder of Chornomorska TV-Radio Company, oppositional MP Andriy Senchenko said that, as of February 7, the employees did not receive wages because the TV company currently cannot pay it.

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