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Chebotar sues TV channel "112 Ukraina"

25.05.2015, 16:54

Former deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Serhiy Chebotar filed a claim to Shevchenkivskyi district court against the TV channel "112 Ukraina" and MP Serhiy Kaplin relating to protection of his honor, dignity, and business reputation. Chebotar demands to refute the information voiced by Kaplin during live broadcast on the channel. He said that Chebotar has connection to serious corruption scandals and that during the search in Chebotar's apartment, considerable assets in gold and documents confirming the corruption accusations were found.

Before, Chebotar had a serious conflict with journalists of "Nashi Hroshi", who investigated his estate near Kyiv - Chebotar's son-in-law and business partners assaulted the filming crew near the estate. Before he claimed that the estate was not his, and formally he was right, as it was registered to the name of his daughter, Oksana Chebotar. Because the scandal around this case was loud, Chebotar resigned from his position in the government, yet it seems the story is not over yet. 

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