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BuroUA sues SouthEastern Railroad for access to information

17.04.2016, 12:10

The online media outlet BuroUA filed a claim to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv against the State territorial and industrial association “South-Western Railroad” requesting the court to acknowledge the practice of refusing to reveal public domain information illegal, and ordering the enterprise to reveal the mentioned information. The requests in question were about enterprises engaged as subcontractors for repairs of the Darnitskyi Bridge. The information about this was published on the media outlet’s website. The enterprise refused to provide the list of subcontractors claiming that "this information is not included into the category "terms and  conditions of providing goods, services and prices for them", and thus it is not public domain information". BuroUA considers refusal to reveal the list of companies engaged for the repairs an illegal practice, and sues the State-Owned company for it. 

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