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Bulletproof vests and helmets for rent at IMI for war reporters

29.10.2021, 15:09

Media professionals can rent free of charge high-quality and proven means of protection and an individual first-aid kit in the Institute of Mass Information to work in the combat zone *. IMI has updated the content of its Security Library.

For rent of protective gear, please, fill in this FORM. 

Currently, these are available for rent: 

-5 bulletproof vests Plastoon H Level 2, type B, protection class 6, specially designed for humanitarian missions and journalists working in the combat zone. 

Characteristics and design features of a bulletproof vest:

LOOP fastening system - a new system of connecting the elements of the body armor with each other. The side belt (cummerbund) is attached to the front wall of the body armor with a special carbine. Such a system solves a range of problems of a standard body armor:

-there is no front valve on the Velcro, which solve the problem of Velcro, which might not function being solied;

-removal of a bulletproof vest occurs in one simple movement even in winter gloves.

-system of fastening of shoulder straps HOOK - adjustment of shoulder straps is carried out by permutation of a special hook. Such a system provides a wider range of regulation: 6 provisions. Velcro is completely excluded, which eliminates all problems with its malfunction.

-additional ballistic protection of lateral projection. Possibility to use a bulletproof vest only with ballistic packages;

-“Wind” damper-climatic system provides an effective protection against the kinetic energy of the bullet and further improves the heat transfer system.

-the entire body armor cover, including the lining, is made of high-quality Cordura 1000D, which significantly improves its durability.

-all net-line elements: the upper part of the elements of the climate system and the lining of the shoulder straps, made of high-quality tactical net of high strength made in Germany.

-shoulder straps bulletproof vests have a double structure. The thickness of the damper in each element is 10 mm. Such a system significantly reduces the load on the shoulders.

-the internal unloading belt provides an optimum distribution of weight of a bulletproof vest.

-body armor is equipped with additional fasts at the junction of the shoulder straps, which allows you to wear it without removing the helmet.

We also conducted a survey of media professionals working in the combat zone and modified the bulletproof vest with additional amenities for journalists:

-fast reset system;

-Molle system for fastening of a first-aid kit;

-velcro for fixing identification;

-stoppers for backpack straps.

-evacuation loop;

-chest pocket for notebook and small equipment. 

Weight of a bulletproof vest +/- 10 kg

5 helmets of ballistic TOP

The helmet is designed to protect humanitarian personnel and journalists working in the combat zone and to house special equipment. Provides protection of the head at falls, blows, effect of an explosive wave, small fragments, ricochets, hit of pistol bullets and bullets of other small arms on departure.

Helmet protection: meets the standards of DSTU I 4103-2002 for protection class 1 (PM pistol) and class 1A (APS pistol), anti-fragment protection according to NATO standard STANAG 2920 is at the level of V50 = 688, 1 m / s (FSP = 1,102 g)

Other characteristics:

The materials of the helmet's armor dome (96% aramid Kevlar fabric and 4% glass-filled PS) ensure the operation of the product in all climatic conditions, taking into account the effects of precipitation. The design of the suspension and damping system promotes passive ventilation of the head. Compatible with anti-burglary masks, tactical and corrective goggles, night vision devices, active headphones, various radio headsets, gas masks and respirators. The dimensions of the helmet are adjusted by adjusting the suspension system and the internal location of the damping cushions. 

In kit form:

-helmet armor dome;

-four-point suspension system;

-set of damping pillows;

-blue helmet case;

Weight +/- 1500g

6 individual first aid kits, equipped according to NATO standards

-CAT cloth tourniquet

-Hemostatic agent (means for stopping bleeding in the form of a bandage) QuikClot Combat Gauze Z-Folded, Celox Gauze

-Israeli bandage size 4 ”or 6”

-Naso-pharyngeal tube and lubricant agent

-HALO occlusive taenia

-Anti-burn hydrogel bandage

-Rubber disposable medical gloves

-Tactical scissors

-Adhesive bandage

-Alcohol wipes 

-Permanent black marker 

It will be recalled that IMI was one of the first agencies in Ukraine to provide journalists and freelancers with protective gear. Since the Revolution of Dignity, several thousand Ukrainian and foreign journalists have used our helmets, respirators, first aid kits, beacons, bulletproof vests and other equipment. 

* IMI provides protective equipment for free rent for up to two weeks (if necessary - up to 1 month) subject to confirmation of professional journalistic activity.

The purchase of protection was made possible by the support of the American people, which was provided through the USAID Media Program in Ukraine project, which is implemented by the international organization Internews. 

In IMI you can also get orange vests with "PRESS" inscription. 

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