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Brazilian talk show hosts robbed live on air - Daily Mail

04.04.2019, 13:51
Police are investigating after a talk show host and his guests were robbed at gunpoint as the programme was broadcast live on social networks, as Daily MAil reported. SOT online radio station in Sao Paulo was allegedly invaded by at least five gangsters, posing as takeaway delivery drivers, on Tuesday night around 9pm, just minutes before the show ended. One of the robbers appeared to be armed. The presenter was just wrapping up his chat show when the bandits stormed in. A recording of the incident shows the shocked victims recoiling in terror, leaping from their seats and putting their hands up as the hooded bandits burst into the studio, kicking back the door to make sure it stays open before announcing the hold-up. Surprisingly the mobile phone used to transmit the Facebook programme, which also recorded evidence of the assault, was not taken. Presenter Jocimar Martins shouts 'stay calm, calm down' as the outlaws, who appear agitated and aggressive, start to ransack the place. Other staff working outside the studio were rounded up, shoved into the room and forced to hand over their belongings too. It's claimed the hooded bandits were aware that their actions were being transmitted live, but that didn't seem to deter them as they brazenly swiped all the cell phones on the table, took watches off victims' wrists and demanded victims' hand over their necklaces and rings. During the horrific shakedown, the masked thugs could be heard swearing and allegedly threatening the victims with lethal force if they didn't hand over the cash in their pockets. One of the assailants allegedly warned: 'Stay calm if you don't want to die. 'Is anyone hiding their phones and other stuff, because if you are you will suffer the consequences' Pointing the weapon at one of the victims, as everyone cowered in their chairs, the gunman apparently demanded to know if there was anyone else in the building while his accomplices searched the office. Even though he was assured there wasn't, the thug continued to brandish the pistol and allegedly said: 'Don't lie. Do you want to die?' Viewers watched in disbelief as the crime, which lasted five minutes, unfolded before their eyes. Police received dozens of emergency calls, but by the time they arrived the assailants had fled with hundreds of pounds worth of valuables. Alessandro Santos, owner of the radio station, revealed he opened the door to the hijackers thinking they were delivering food ordered by staff. In an interview with Globo TV he said: 'They said they had a delivery and as we are accustomed here to ordering takeaways, I just opened the door without a second thought and asked 'who's it for?' 'As soon as they entered, one of them put a gun to my head and told me to lead the way inside.' Martins said that during the robbery he was petrified that one of his guests could be shot and injured or even lose their life. He said it was a 'terrible moment' to realise that we had encouraged guests to leave the 'security of their homes' only for them to end up in situation like this. One of the guests, Tassiane Martins, who was recently crowned Miss São Paulo Plus Size said: 'I thought it was a joke the moment they came in with a gun. 'It was only when I saw the others that I realised it was real.' Detectives said they are using footage from the incident to try to identify the perpetrators and are asking anyone who recognises anything about the assailants including their voices and clothes to get in touch. Daily Mail
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