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Bogdan explained what he sued "Schemes" and NPTU journalists for

23.08.2019, 16:57
The Head of the Office of the President Andriy Bohdan seized the court aiming to make the journalists of “Schemes” and NPTU to refute some untruthful reports, saying, in particular, that in 2018 - at the beginning of 2019, he had crossed the airspace segment of Belarusian border for 11 times, and since 2014, he allegedly had crossed the Russian border for six times. According to those reports, at Vnukovo airport in Moscow they would have recorded his three departures. He said it, giving comments in response to a request for information filed by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency. "Before I seized the court, I tried twice to settle the row amicably through written requests, pointing to the journalists that their allegations were erroneous," Bogdan said. According to him, the second pre-trial written request to refute the false information was even accompanied with copy of the official reply from the Main center for special information processing of the State border guard service of Ukraine on April 12, 2019. According to this document, in the period from 12.04.2014 to 12.04.2019 Andriy Bohdan crossed the border of Ukraine in the direction of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus only twice - in May 2014 (once on departure on 15.05.2014 and once on entry 16.05 .2014). "Despite the official response of the State border guard service of Ukraine, written requests to refute the information were dismissed , " Bohdan said. Bohdan said in his comment, the NPTU in its response stated not to be responsible for the content of the program "Schemes: corruption in detail", aired on the TV channel "UA: First", and, in fact, the broadcaster transferred responsibility to the “US Agency for Global Media” (as  “Radio Liberty” is part of this media group). "To that, it should be noted that, even if it is not the producer of the program, PJSC NPTU is its distributor, and thus, in default of proper evidences of accuracy of this information, in complaince with the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation in force, it is obliged to refute it" ,- said the head of the President's Office. For its part, Kyiv desk of “Radio Liberty”, reported that journalists had documented confirmation of the information they made public, but they did not provide such evidence, referring to the right of journalists not to disclose their sources, the statement said. IMI reported, on August 20, head of the President's Office Andriy Bohdan sued “Schemes” and NPTU journalists for libel. Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv started the proceedings on this lawsuit, the preparatory hearing was scheduled for September 19.
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