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Bidenko: "World should pay attention on infringement of journalists' rights in Russia and in occupied territories"

03.02.2017, 17:00

The international community should pay more attention to flagrant violations of media rights in Russia and in the occupied territories. Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Artem Bidenko stated this to Ukrinform during the international conference "Safety of Journalists: an imperative for free media".

"We would like to appeal to the international community so that they pay more attention to outrageous violations of human rights and the media in the Russian Federation and in the occupied territories. Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine believes that international outgivings are not enough. We need to gather the international community and discuss such cases,"- Bidenko said.

He noted that some countries take it for granted, they say, "Well, it's Russia. What can we do." Bidenko categorically disagrees with such position and notes that results can be achieved only when people talk about incidents." - Bidenko emphasized.

"Russian bloodt-hirsty bear can be overcome only by shooting him constantly," - he said.

According to Deputy Minister, today's international conference is very important, especially given the fact that there is dialogue between the government, international organizations and civil society. Representatives of the authorities, the Interior Ministry, Defense Ministry, Prosecutor General's Office, Ministry of Information Policy reiterated that "our goal is the movement towards transparency and openness of the authorities concerning protection of journalists and their rights," - Bidenko said.

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