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Belorussian journalist demanded asylum in Europe

29.01.2019, 15:17
Фото -
Kostyantyn Zhukovsky, journalist from Gomel (Belorussia), known for his stories for TV channel Belsat, has left his country and asked an asylum in Europe, as to Radio Free Europe. Zhukovsky said last time he was persecuted and he got several threats from Secret service for his investigations, for instance, he revealed a channel of illegal migration through Belarus toward Western Europe. He filed complaint about threats to the police , but the police could not find authors of threatening, they only found out the messages were sent from e-mail registered in Canada. He was fearing provocations causing danger to his teenager daughter, who “could not come back home from the school”. Recently, he met an activist Boris Anikeev, “suddenly a jeep appeared before them, some unknown persons sprang out, dispersed gas from the tear gas spray, dumped me down and tore to pieces my passport. It is good thing the passport is past to expiry date”. After this incident he decided to leave the country.
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