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Beaten editor said that attacker demanded him to write only about Community Defense' charity

20.12.2014, 13:42

The editor of the newspaper “Shevchenkiv krai” (city of Zvenihorodka, Cherkaska oblast) Yevheniy Shramenko confirmed to the IMI representative that he was assaulted. 
He said that before the attack he had a telephone conversation with Oleksander Bondarenko, who is known as a representative of the local Community Defense, and Bondarenko expressed his outrage with the material published for the Volunteer Day about the enterpreneurs' volunteer movement. Bondarenko said that the newspaper must publish materials only about volunteer-related actions of Community Defense, otherwise he threatened with physical violence. At that, Bondarenko used obscene words. And in several minutes after the conversation, he broke into the editor's office and attacked him. As a result of the attack, Shramenko sustained a serious joint injury as he was hit with a wooden bar. The journalists filed a complaint to the police; a criminal case has been started. Later, Community Defense assured Shramenko that Bondarenko is not a member of their association.


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