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Avakov ignored question of "Inter"’s journalist, and accused channel of "manipulations" instead of answering

04.07.2015, 13:45

The Minister of Interior Affairs Arsen Avakov, when communicating with journalists in Mykolaiv on July 1, instead of answering the question of the TV channel "Inter" staff correspondent Kyrylo Yushchyshen, started to accuse this channel and its co-owner Serhiy Liovochkin of manipulations, and never answered the questions. This was reported to "Telekrytyka" by the member of the Independent Media Trade Union Tetiana Lokatska.

Ask Kyrylo Yushchyshen tells, he asked Arsen Avakov about the Ministry’s bidding for manufacturing 6 thousand soldier backpacks, worth 16 million hryvnias. Kyrylo claims that he is investigating this bidding in cooperation with the "Inter"’s special correspondent in Kyiv, Roman Bochkala. Based on the bidding’s results, 1 thousand backpacks were made by a company in Mykolaiv, and 5 thousand backpacks - by a company in Dnipropetrovsk, which was not heard of before. Instead of answering the question, Avakov started accusing "Inter" and its co-owner Liovochkin. Avakov did the same instead of answering the journalist’s second question - about the incident in Rivne where police is helping a policeman to dodge punishment for traffic accident. These questions were never answered, to indignation of the journalists who were present there. 

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