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Authorities began to more actively respond to investigations of bloggers “No To Corruption!”

30.07.2017, 21:04
Bloggers of the project “No To Corruption!” at “MezhyhiryaFest”, June 10, 2017 During January-June, the bloggers “No To Corruption!” informed about 20 cases of the authorities’ response to their investigations. These are the results of the work of the website “No To Corruption!” for the first quarter of this year. In particular, “No To Corruption!” bloggers received the response for their investigations from the Verkhovna Rada High Commissioner for Human Rights, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, Ministries, agencies, prosecutor’s offices, etc. Based on the complaint of blogger Olena Zihulska about failure to provide information in response to the access to public information by the chief physician of Odeska oblast oncologic center, Odeska regional human rights commissioner launched a case and Suvorivsky rayon court of Odesa found the chief physician guilty and fined him. Also, Odesa regional human rights commissioner launched a case concerning the Administration of sea ports of Ukraine concerning failure to provide public information after the complaint from the blogger “No To Corruption!”. At the same time, based on the result of another case opened by the representative of the Commissioner Verkhovna Rada Ukraine human rights, the director of the state enterprise “Sanatoriy “Morshynskyi” Victor  Bezrukov was forced to send to the “No To Corruption!” blogger Valentyna Novytska a copy of his tax declaration for 2015, although he claimed earlier he only would do so if she presented a mental health certificate. After the investigation of blogger Yaroslav Hulan “Land “Stuck”. Instead of school and kindergarten – there is wasteland in Uzhhorod,” the prosecutor’s office in Zakarpatska oblast instructed the Service of the State Geo Land Registry in Zakarpatska oblast to inspect the case. Currently, the circumstances of the case described in the blog are being studied by the court. Similarly, the law enforcement agencies turned their attention to activities of the officials of the Communal enterprise “ Odeska oblast oncologic center” after a “No To Corruption!” blogger in February of 2017 exposed the institution’s corruption schemes. Odesa prosecutor’s office began a criminal investigation of misappropriation and embezzlement of particularly large sums of money allocated by the state for procurement of medications by officials of medical institutions of Odesa, as well as reselling of medications procured for the state funds in private drugstores. The National Agency on Corruption Prevention began examining the tax declaration of MP Dmytro Holubov after the investigation by the “No To Corruption!” blogger Olena Zihulska “How MD from Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc Dmytro Holubov is hiding his business and real estate”. Also, the Southern office of the State Audit Service reviewed the request of the coordinator of the Competence Center of the State Enrerprise “ProZorro” and “No To Corruption!” blogger Serhiy Sarafaniuk concerning possible violations in the sphere of procurement by the Department of Major Construction of Odesa City Council during the procedure of open tender for capital renovation and restoration of the building at Academic Koroliov Street 9, Odesa, found violations and recommended the procurement commissioner to rectify the tender results or to conduct a new tender, but this time observing the law. Also, after the “No To Corruption!” investigation “Treason from authorities, or why ProZorro stands in mayors’ way’ the State Audit Service found the contracts of the Department of Housing and Utility Services of Romny town council in Sumska oblast and “Ukryevrobud Plus” illegal. The Ministry of Infrastructure thanked “No To Corruption!” for vigilance in the issue concerning publication of reports about the number of requests for public information the agency receives. Also, the communal corporation “Kyivavtodor” began an inspection of possible abuse by the Communal enterprise “Road Operation Bureau” of Solomiansky rayon after investigation by the “No To Corruption!” blogger Valentyna Novytska “Capital’s tired and worn roads, or How Road Operation Bureau” of Solomiansky rayon wasted a million hryvnias” and confirmed that the Bureau’s personnel avoided the tender procedures or purchased services and materials outside “ProZorro”. Moreover, “No To Corruption!” is proud that former officials use the documents that the bloggers have obtained by requesting public information to prove their innocence of bribery in social networks. For instance, the former head of Kyivska Oblast State Administration Maksym Melnychuk published on his Facebook page a copy of the response of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine to “No To Corruption!”’s request, which says that his involvement in bribery was not confirmed.
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