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АТR informs about possibility of being shut down due to occupational authorities accusing it of extremism

09.10.2014, 00:32

The pressure on the Crimean Tatar TV channel АТR may end up in shutting it down. This was reported in the TV channel’s statement, informs Krym.Realii.

The statement reads, «The Crimean Tatar TV channel АТR never engaged in any «propaganda», «planting of thoughts»,«imposing thoughts», «incitement of ethnic hatred», «seditions or calls for extremism» or other sins we are being unfoundedly accused.

АТR specializes on cultural, educational and news programs and strives to promote development of the language and culture of Crimean Tatars, help establish the foundation of good neighborliness in the multiethnic society of Crimea, and objective coverage of the local and world news.

For Crimean Tatars, this TV channel holds extreme importance as a symbol of their ethnic revival. So, any actions of the authorities towards it, positive or negative, would be perceived by Crimean Tatars as directed at them.

On Septermber 24, the TV channel’s management received a letter from the Center for prevention of extremism, which informed them that АТR allegedly «promotes formation of anti-Russian public opinion, incites among Crimean Tatars distrust towards the authorities and their actions, what indirectly nears the threat of extremist activities». Based on this, the Center requested all of the channel’s permits and a list of its staff.

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