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At TV channel „Kyiv” police found many Molotov cocktails and containers with combustible liquid

12.08.2014, 00:52

In the office of the TV channel «Kyiv», located in Kyiv at Khreshchatyk Street 5-B, law enforcement officers found 15 crates with Molotov cocktails and 10 containers with combustible liquid. This was reported by the director of the TV company Svitlana Kryvoruchko.

On August 10, the TV channel’s host Oleksa Kibkalo reported that the TV channel’s office might be rigged with explosives. The TV channel’s staff invited the fighters from the battalion ‘Kyiv 1’ to check the channel’s premises, which had been occupied by Maidan participants since winter. The battalion’s fighters found trip wires and detained three persons. They called for police and EOD specialists. The EOD specialists found no explosives but police did seize 15 crates with “Molotov cocktail” and 10 containers with combustive liquid. Nobody was injured.  

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