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At notorious polling station in Kherson, journalists were not allowed to film even door

01.11.2014, 18:03

In Kherson, police did not allow the filming crews of TV channel “VTV plus” and TRC “Ukraine” to film the door of the District Electoral Committee No.182. This information comes from “VTV plus” journalist Maryna Savchenko.

“Police did not allow journalist to take a look at the sealed door. Cameramen of TRCs “VTV plus” and "Ukraina" were not allowed to film, giving as a reason this: what if you touch something there? … We had to spend ten minutes to explain to the head of city police department Roman Panasiuk about the laws and journalists’ rights. Finally, the guys with cameras were allowed there”, Savchenko wrote.

As the regional IMI correspondent notes, in Kherson at the electoral district No.182, there is a scandal: a struggle between the teams of candidates for the deputy’s seat in the Parliament – the current deputy Yuriy Odarchenko and candidate from “Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc”, first prorector of Kherson State University Oleksander Spivakovskyi.

At the District Commission No.182, they already declared that head of the committee disappeared, people wearing military camouflage were seen near the meeting area bearing the red-and-black bands with inscriptions “Right Sector”, and Odarchenko declared that he would file a complain to the court to declare the elections in this district null and void. 

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