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Armed separatists, threatening to the journalists, closed newspaper “Provintsia”

13.05.2014, 23:43

On May 8, in the city of Kostiantynivka, Donetska oblast, armed people blocked the editorial office of the local newspaper "Provintsia". The attackers sealed the editorial office, and took its editor-in-chief Mykhailo Razputko and the newspaper’s founder Halyna Razputko to the separatists’ headquarters, where they were rudely told that they "no longer work in the newspaper". According to Mr.Razputko, in the morning they received a phone call from a local pro-Russian activist, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the newspaper materials, but did not specify which materials exactly. He threatened to come and take all copies of the newspaper. Approximately in an hour, armed people broke into the office. After some negotiations, “green men” appeared, sealed the office and told the journalists to go home. The editor-in-chief and the founder were warned not to try to circulate the newspaper, or else “we will have totally different talk”, the separatists warned.

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