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"Arhumenty Tyzhnia - Krym" editor-in-chief Zayir Akadyrov resigned due to censorship and interference in editorial policy

15.03.2014, 23:48

The editor-in-chief of the online media outlet “Arhumenty Tyzhnia - Krym” Zayir Akadyrov resigned from his position due to the founder's censorship and interference in the editorial policy of the outlet. He had been working in "Arhumenty Tyzhnia — Krym" since it was founded. The censorship was in regard of coverage of the presence of Russian gunmen in Crimea and of the actions of the new self-appointed authorities. He resigned because his attempts to discuss with the founder the interference with the editorial policy (unauthorized changes to news titles and texts, removal of texts and publishing of propaganda items) and censorship demands fails and he received the ultimatum from the founder. 

The founder gave him a choice – either he resigns or the entire local editorial office is closed down. 

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