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Anchor of program "Distalo!" receives physical violence threats because of story about general

01.03.2016, 22:33

The anchor of the program “Distalo!” that was broadcast in winter by the ICTV TV channel, Vitaliy Kovach, claims that he receives threats of physical violence, “Detector Media” reports.

According to Vitaliy, he received a telephone call from someone, who called himself “Mykola from the front line”. This man said “if the story about our general Tkachuk is aired, we with the guys will come to you and cut off your head. And do not forget about your son, who will also have to serve in ATO”, at that, this man was using many obscenities.

The story in question, “Justice from the Ministry of Defense: bosses get all, soldiers get nothing” published on February 29, was about lieutenant general Pavlo Tkachuk, the head of the National Infantry Academy, who was granted two apartments and a garage, and is still in line for receiving the third apartment. Kovach said that he will not go to police in relation to the threats as he does not believe that it can change anything. Also he said that he was routinely receiving threats after his show was aired. The program will no longer exist after this winter, and Kovach is now looking for a new job.

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