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AFP calls russian troops "Ukrainian separatists." Ukrainian MFA responds

04.07.2022, 11:38
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

French news agency AFP called the russian army "Ukrainian separatists." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine pointed out to the agency that using such a term to refer to the russian troops that have invaded Ukraine is unacceptable, Ukrinform reports.

On July 2, AFP made a post on Twitter: "Ukraine separatists say they have encircled Lysychansk."

Commenting on the media report, MFA spokesman Oleh Nikolenko stated: "AFP became victim to russian propaganda. The agency refers to the russian invader army as "Ukrainian separatists", which is unacceptable; they portray russia's war against Ukraine as an internal conflict, playing into the kremlin's hands. What's next – 'Ukrainian separatists' firing cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea?"

We remind you that on February 24, russian president vladimir putin declared a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. russian troops are destroying infrastructure facilities and carrying out massive attacks on residential areas of Ukrainian cities and towns with artillery, rocket launchers, and ballistic missiles.

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