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Advocates say rights of Yuriy Hukov, journalist and former member of "Aidar" batallion, arrested for robbery, are violated

18.07.2015, 16:28

On July 23 in Kharkiv, a journalist was arrested, and now is held in Kryvyi Rih pre-trial detainment facility – Yuriy Hukov, a former volunteer of "Aidar" battalion. Kharkiv Advocacy Group published this information of their website. The journalist is accused of robbery and assault against citizen C. on June 4, 2014. Hukov is a pro-Ukrainian activist in Donbas region, who resided in Alchevsk city and organized some pro-Ukrainian rallies in 2014. He was one of the founders of the battalion. Early last summer, Hukov received an order from his commander to detain separatist C. They came to the apartment of the separatist, but did not detain him, as his family and neighbors prevented this. They, however, took his phone and computer as evidence and possible source of important information on separatists' activities. No other values were taken.

Soon, Hukov had a quarrel with his senior officers, related to the journalist being against marauding and torture of prisoners of war.  As a result, Hukov was detained by his brothers-in-arms and held prisoner, yet later he was released and moved to Kharkiv, where he worked as a journalist for Kharkiv Advocacy Group.

His wife, however, was a pro-Russian separatist – she did not move with him, and stayed in Alchevsk. Soon she became secretary to a well-known separatist Mozgovoy, whose car was blown up on May 23, 2015, killing him and everyone in the car, including Hukov's wife. Hukov investigated his wife's death, and as he brought to the police an official claim to get the police to investigate his wife's death, he was detained there "for robbery", as it appears he was on the police wanted list for the events that took place a year ago. Later, the court decided to leave him in prison until the trial. The Kharkiv advocacy group claims that the detainment was illegal and against the regulations that police should follow. 

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