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Activists of "Azov" blocked office building of "Inter" in Kyiv

26.02.2016, 01:25

On February 25, representatives of the regiment `“Azov” blocked the office building of the TV channel “Inter” in Kyiv, and announced that this action was for an unlimited term. reports this, referring to the “Azov”’s press service in the "Vkontakte" social network.

The channel employees barricaded the offices from inside, and they have barbed wire prepared for this purpose. The security tried to invite the activists inside to pass on their demands, but they refused. The action participants demand the channel administration to "renounce the Kremlin censorship". The protest was likely triggered by the events of February 24, when the channel's creative producer of the weekly news summary program said "put an end to this bullsh*t" about the live broadcast of a journalist interviewing the relatives of those, who were shot two years ago in downtown Kyiv. The public outrage about the producer, Maria Stoliarova (who also expressed sympathy to the separatists’ cause in social networks) forced the channel to fire her (officially, though, she simply resigned amicably).

The Azov activists took down the blockade later the same day. 

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