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A journalist can express an opinion on the status of the Crimea - Semena

04.04.2017, 11:24

Zaliznychnyi district court appointed the next court session on the case of journalist Mykola Semena on April 18, at 14.30. Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reported this to Krym.Realii.

"Today (April 3 - Ed.), sides questioned four witnesses against Semena. Two witnesses are FSB operatives, who were tapping Mykola Semena. Other two witnesses are social workers, they explained that they had read Semena's article and it seemed too extremistic article to them. Why would investigation attract last two witnesses? I think to aggravate the situation,"- Kurbedinov said.

At the hearing, Mykola Semena stated that any journalist has the right to express opinion on the status of Crimea and to participate in the global discussion maintained by the international community about its role.

"I've told today in my denial of the charges, that the status of Crimea is at least debatable for the last three years. The status of Crimea is being discussed globally, any journalist or media outlet has the right to participate in this debate and express their views freely. According to the Constitution of Ukraine and the Russian Federation it is no crime to express your own opinion,"- Semena said.

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