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A fake Stratcom Center "memo" is being spread on the Internet

30.12.2022, 14:53

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security reported that a fake "memo" advising TV channels to use Ukrainian cuss words instead Russian ones has been spread on the Internet on its behalf.

To create the fake, the logo of the old "Ministry of Culture", which has been non-existent in Ukraine since 2019 (in its stead, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy was created in 2021), was used. The authors of the "memo" also used the Russian word "mat" (obscene language), which is not a word in the Ukrainian language (there is "laika", "matyuky" or "matyuchchya").

The list of "recommended terms" includes both samples of Ukrainian cuss words and Russian ones, translated very literally. This compilation first appeared on Runet back in the early 2010s, it can be found in the Pikabu archive and on other entertainment websites.

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