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66% of electoral funds candidates for presidency spent to advertisement in mass media, as to Central election commission

25.03.2019, 16:17
The candidates for the presidency spent 66% of their electoral funds to pay the advertisement in the mass media. 623 millions of hryvnias ($23 millions), as to Central election commission web-site. In total, the candidates spent 941 millions of hryvnias ($34 millions). According to CEC, the highest percent for advertisement in amss media has Yuriy Karmazin (100% of funds or 368 thousands of hryvnias, equivalent to $13 thousands). The second position is to Yuriy Boyko (84% of funds or 39 millions of hryvnias, equivalent to $1 448 000). The third position is to Serhiy Taruta (82% of funds or 80 millions of hryvnias, equivalent to $2 970 000). Volodymyr Zelenskyy spent for advertisement in mass media 74% of funds ($2 376 000), Yulia Tymoshenko spent 72% or 118 millions of hryvnias ($4 381 000), Petro Poroshenko spent 61% or 251millions of hryvnias ($ 9 319 000). The reports of the candidadtes for the presidency cover the period sincesetting up of electoral funds and tillMarch 18th, 2019.
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