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Odessa police detained assaulter of ecologic journalist

28.05.2019, 14:24
The police detained and filed charges against a resident of Odessa, 32, who at the beginning of May poured sewage onto Svitlana Podpalaya, journalist and founder of ecological association “Zeleniy lyst” (Green leaf). The incident happened in the territory of the Summer theater where the journalist came to take video of controversial construction work. The suspect is charged with obstruction to journalist's professional activities. At present, the investigation is underway, the criminal proceeding is initiated based on the Part 2 of Art. 171 ("Obstruction to legitimate professional activity of journalists") of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. IMI informed that on May 7th in Odessa, some unknown person poured sewage onto Svitlana Podpalaya, correspondent for “Zeleniy list” (Green leaf) and founder of the ecological association of the same appellation.
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