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In Poltava TV channel entrance door spilt with soil

22.04.2019, 13:28
On April 22nd the entrance door of TV channel IPT-Poltava was spilt with soil, and put the poster “Fake news TV Channel”. Yuriy Sulayev, press officer of the National police in Poltava region, told the IMI’s correspondent. In the morning, a protest act took place before the entry of the premises of the TV channel. “The administration of the channel called the police, we recorded the appeal to the police saying the door was spilt with soil, and they placed the poster”, Sulayev told. The head of the IPT Poltava Ihor Kuzhyk refused to comment on the incident, saying he did not find it was “necessary to comment on actions of a person who is not enough adequate”. An IMI correspondent told that Serhiy Cherednychenko, former deputy of Poltava municipal council posted the picture “IPT Poltava : fake news TV channel” in his Facebook page and added IPT is dust-hole of embezzler Matkovsky. Today, we reminded him of that”. Answered by IMI correspondent, Serhiy Cherednychenko told it was question of distorted reports on a trial of Yaroslav Zhuravel. Since one year, the TV channel was covering the trial within the case of physical aggression against Zhuravel, providing untruthful information on it. Yaroslav Zhuravel has never been journalist, but video-blogger. Secondly, the judges consider not beating of journalist, but inflicting of harm to a physical person. That’s to say they distort facts and damage name of Socialist party of Ukraine”, Ыукршн Cherednichenko said. Another reason to launch this protest action was a report aired by the IPT channel on Saturday volunteer clean-up actions in Poltava. Serhiy Cherednichenko related his party had organizaed such clean-up activity, but TV channel reported on the same activity of another political force, deputy Yulia Melkumova from “Petro Poroshenko Block “Solidarnist”. IMI informed on May 18th 2018 in Poltava they beat Yaroslav Zhuravel, journalist of the web-portal “Tribuna” and anchorman of video-project “ShoWNas”. Serhiy Cherednichenko told the journalist had intentionally provoked his tean-mates.
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