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Journalist for ZIK Oleksiy Bratushchak quitted job due to censorship

28.02.2019, 20:15
Фото - Фейсбук Олексія Братущака
(Photo credit: Facebook page of Oleksiy Bratushchak) Oleksiy Bratushchak, journalist for weekly program “Details” of the TV channel ZIK, claimed he quitted the job due to censorship. He told it in his blog published by the Ukrayinaka Pravda. “Today, I returned my press card to ZIK. For 15 months I have been working for the weekly program “Details”. I would go on working. If Poroshenko would not have interfered, and censorship and manipulations with all this”. The facts date back to August-September 2018, as Bratushchak told. The censorship started with beginning of election campaign. “I claimed about the censorship after the congress of Batkivshchyna where Yulia Tymoshenko announced to be candidate for the presidency. There was no story on it in the news block. Instead, they placed a commissioned story, as they say “commercial” story”. Further, other journalists started mentioning the censorship. “Not openly, but between themselves”. Some proposed topics, as Bratushchak explained, where the Petro Poroshenko Block or Poroshenko himself could be mentioned and these topics were found out not to be admitted. He added the journalists keep silent, as “someone has a credit to pay off, someone has kids, someone has ill mother ”. “But fears unite: the fear to lose the job and you won't find better conditions. And there is no question of money. Whatever TV channel you take, each has “its” own conditions. “Conditions” which you could not agree with, or you could not tolerate for a longtime”. “We are found out to be in a situation, when the profession of TV journalism is turning into profession of TV whore. Such an obedient employee without any standing, nor principles”, he said.
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