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20 publishing companies of Ukraine protest against destruction of newsstands in Kryvy Rih

22.01.2013, 08:24

20 publishing companies of Ukraine have sent a joint appeal to Krivy Rih Mayor Yuri Vilkul with a demand to stop the destruction of newspaper kiosks network belonging to Presa-M Ltd..

The reason for the collective appeal was the decision of the Kryvy Rih local government to demolish newsstands, belonging to Presa-M Ltd.., which is a part of GK “Kartel” Kyiv press-holding.

"In 2009, a moratorium on the demolition of the existing newsstands selling printed media was established in Ukraine. The activities of the Kryvyi Rih local government, aiming to demolish stalls selling printed media, directly breach the legislation of Ukraine, with scorning the readers right to freedom of speech and destroying the business of publishing companies, which have been distributing press in Kryvyv Rih for 15 years already,"- reads the collective appeal of the Ukrainian publishing houses.

The group of publishing companies hopes that the Kryvy Rih Mayor will do its best to cease the illegal activities concerning Presa-M Ltd., and to preserve the media distribution network. "It will defend the people's right to information, will help media to continue informing their readers, and will not hamper the publishing companies that distribute press in Kryvy Rih to transfer payments to the budget in the form of taxes," – the statement reads.

The letter also emphasizes that Presa-M company has been busy with retail trade in printed media in Kryvy Rih for the past 15 years, and has an extensive network of newsstands (42 objects).

GK “Kartel” chairman of board Valentyna Bilousyuk told Telekritika that currently the company is trying to meet with Kryvy Rih Mayor Yuri Vilkul.

"We hope for the support of the Committee of Freedom of Speech, which promptly responded to the situation. This issue was discussed at its first meeting on January 10, 2013. The next meeting on the issue is scheduled for February 6. We look forward to the support of the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. We also reserve the right to apply to courts, and to conduct journalist investigation into the illegal dismantling of our newsstands. According to our information, the decision to destroy the Presa-M network is lobbied by a real customer "- said Valentyna Bilousyuk.

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