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12 cases had been taken to the court in 2016

30.01.2017, 18:05

12 criminal investigations into crimes committed towards journalists had been directed to the court in 2016, the Prosecutor General office wrote in an a letter.

IMI sent a request to the Prosecutor General, to provide information on the number of criminal proceedings under Articles, regarding corpus delicti towards journalists and carring out its legitimate professional activities, and to provide with the results of their investigation.

In particular, the court directed the six criminal proceedings under Article 171 (Obstruction of journalistic activities) and six proceedings under Article 345-1 (Threats or violence against journalist) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Overall during the last year, 222 criminal offenses committed relatively journalists were registered, according to the Prosecutor General Office.

In particular, 176 criminal offenses were registered under Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "obstruction of journalistic activity". Where proceedings on 74 criminal offenсes were closed. Proceedings on 102 criminal offences are being conducted, where on 12 criminal offences were presented notice of suspicion.

The prosecutor's office filed 41 criminal offences Under Article 345-1 "Threats or violence against journalists", where proceedings on 6 criminal offences were closed, during last year. Proceedings on 35 criminal offences are being carried on. At 7 criminal offences were served notice of suspicion and 6 criminal offences were taken to the court.

In addition, there were 4 criminal offences under Article 347-1 "Deliberate destruction or damage to property of a journalist." These proceedings are being conducted from now forward.

The one criminal offence under Article 348-1 "attempt on the life of a journalist" was registered in 2016. The proceeding on this criminal offence is closed.

Overall, 234 media workers suffered from criminal offences last year. There are 170 journalists and 22 media executives.


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