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"112 Ukraina"’s Director General claims authorities try to take away channel

01.06.2015, 13:55

The director general (and supposedly owner) of the TV channel «112 Ukraina» Andriy Poshchypkov claims the authorities are constantly trying to take away his channel. He officially published this claim in public appeal on May 27 at the channel

“Our company is constantly experiencing the authorities’ active attempts to take over the channel, in form of pressure by the "pocket" state regulator in the sphere of TV – the National Council for issues of TV and radio broadcasting and informational campaigns. The goal of these actions is a raider attack against an independent broadcaster for the benefit of the political leaders of the country”, Podshchypkov said.

The real owner of the channel is not really known, although Podshchypkov claims to be one - the shares ownership gets lost and tangled in the structures based on Cyprus.

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