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"1+1" informs its journalists were attacked

15.03.2014, 23:47

On March 5, when the military base in Yevpatoria was under attack the 1+1's evening news program TSN special correspondent Oleksiy Bobrovnykov was assaulted. This was not the first attempt to attack Oleksiy Bobrovnykov's filming crew during their work in Crimea. A week before, on the captured checkpoint Changar both the journalist and the operator were forced face to the car hood and beaten on the backs with a truncheon. Another 1+1 filming crew, the TSN correspondent Hryhoriy Zhyhalov and operator Pavlo Miasnov were also hassled all the time when covering the Crimean events.

On February 26, aggressive young thugs were obstructing the filming of the rally near Sevastopol city administration and explained this was because "1+1" is a Ukrainian TV channel.

On March 2, unidentified men threw pavement rocks at the TSN filming crew's car, when Hryhoriy Zhyhalov and Pavlo Miasnov were inside. The same day, during the live standup from Balaklava sea front unidentified people surrounded them and immediately after the live standup attacked and threatened them. Aslo, a week ago unidentified men attacked the filming crew of the TSN correspondent Ruslan а Yarmoliuk. The attack took place in Feodosia during the filming at the Ukrainian military base. An aggressive group surrounded the "1+1" journalists and started to push them. On March 2, during the live standup in Perevalne a man with a metal bar attacked the TSN filming crew, when he heard Ruslan Yarmoliuk speaking Ukrainian. 

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