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1+1 informed about harassment of journalists filming news stories about Liashko

23.10.2014, 00:23


The TV channel 1+1 says that its journalists, who were investigating the leader of the Radical Party Oleh Lyashko, are being harassed and aggressively pressured by athletic-looking thugs, TSN informs.

  The channel’s correspondent arranged for a meeting with two men, who introduced themselves as ex-members of “Shakhtarsk” battalion, sponsored by Oleh Lyashko. To the meeting came two husky men, who promised to tell about the battalion’s everyday life, and tried to lure the journalists into an apartment in an old building. The correspondents refused to follow them into the suspicious building.

   On the next day, the correspondent, who was investigating the luxurous Lyashko’s apartment in the elite apartment building in Kyiv, was harassed by suspicious-looking men.

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