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1+1 claims Parliamentary candidate from Liashko’s party went to court to shut down TV channel

22.10.2014, 01:53

Oleskander Yurakov, the Parliamentary candidate from Oleh Liashko’s Radical party, filed a lawsuit against the «Studio 1+1» and demands that the TV channel were taken off air. This was reported by the press service of the group «1+1 Media».

«Studio 1+1» made a statement that this is nothing short of an reprisal against independent media outlets and the lawsuit is Liashko’s team trying to restore the practice widespread under the previous regime when media outlets were manipulated and manhandled for political reasons. 

Earlier, the press service of the Radical party and the Parliamentary candidate Oleh Liashko informed that on October 16, the court compelled «1+1» to provide some air time to the Radical party and Oleh Liashko personally to refute incorrect information.

The TV channel «1+1» informed that the journalists of TSN, its daily news program that work on investigative news stories about Liashko have been followed by unidentified men.

On October 17-18, in Chernivtsi and Khotyn, Chernivetska oblast, leaflets saying «1+1 is lying» appeared. 

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