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1+1 TV channel demanded to refute information on member of Reanimation package of reforms (RPR)

01.02.2019, 13:02
Фото - скріншот з відео "1+1"
The coalition of NGOs Reanimation package of reforms demanded the board of TV channel 1+1 to disclaim the information made public in the program “Money” on personal property of Oksana Velychko, member of Reanimation of package of reforms and head of NGO Razom proty corruptsii (Together against corruption), as RPR informed on its web-site. According to the letter addressed to TV channel, last years the anticorruption NGOs became under systematic pressure, and example of such pressure was the story in the program “Money” on the 28th of January. “Without any ground the authors of the video report are imposing the idea Velychko got her property as a result of antocorruption actiuvity. Thy failed to point out in the report that the property had been got as an entrepreneur during several years of work on high ranked positions. At the same time, not one single day she took position within public service. As one watch the report of 1+1 TV channel you have got an impression the program “Money” at 1+1 TV channel is purposely discrediting the activists of anticorruption revelations”.
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