• By: GIJN STAFF 08.07.2013

    To help journalists around the world, the GIJN staff has assembled a comprehensive list of investigative journalism manuals in different languages...

  • Oleksander Plotnikov, Lexology 06.02.2013
    The history of privacy protection in Ukraine goes back to 1992 when the Law of Ukraine On Information was adopted. Adoption of the Ukrainian Constitution in 1996 was a further step...
  • David Moshman, The Huffington Post 03.02.2013
    The first academic freedom book of 2013, with subtitle "An Anti-Censorship Handbook for Educators", has been published in U.K. The actual title is both unexpected and perfect...
  • 29.01.2013
     A US journalist who founded a not-for-profit news site is to launch an open-source programme that will turn scanned documents – such as receipts – into structured data...
  • 19.01.2013

    These six principles are to guide producers and consumers of news and information. The First Amendment is based upon the conviction that all human beings have inalienable rights...