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ZIK accused authorities of provoking people who block the channel

TV channel ZIK accused authorities of provoking  people who blockade the channel. This was the statement released by the channel on April 1, and published on the website of the channel.

“At night, the tent camp of channel ZIK blockers near the TV studio in Zhovtnevy palace was attacked by unidentified people. The administration of ZIK considers it is possible that authorities launched a series of provocations radicalization of the situation, and development of events involving force and causing force capture of the TV channel”, the channel states.

Due to this, the channel calls to the police and other law enforcement agencies to organize permanent patrols in the studio and outside of it – not to allow smashing and physical violence, and calls to “National militia” representatives who guard the office of ZIK, to act based on the law, and not to respond to provocations.

As IMI reported before, on March 28, representatives of Dmytro Korchynskyi’s organization “Brotherhood” started picketing the building of the TV channel ZIK in Kyiv, claiming that the channel was purchased by Viktor Medvedchuk.

TV channel ZIK demanded representatives of the organization “Brotherhood” to remove the blockade immediately, and refutes their allegations. The channel also hired “National militia” organization for guarding the channel, as the National guards, the governmental police and military unit, suddenly decided to break the security contract with the channel – as the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov commented, this happened due to legislative changes.

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