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The Parliament turned down two drafts on cancellation of e-declaration for activists

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine turned down the President’s draft law No.6674 and draft by MPs No.6271, which proposed to cancel e-declarations for civil activists, повідомляє Radio Liberty reports.

After the MPs failed to support these drafts in the first reading, the speaker offered to send them for additional amendment, yet MPs did not support this proposal.

MPs’ draft No.6271 proposed to absolve from the need to file electronic declarations the individuals who receive funds for anti-corruption projects.

The President’s draft No.6674 proposed to cancel the necessity to file declarations by anti-corruption agents. At the same time, according to it, NGOs must  publish information about their financing if their yearly income exceeds 300 life wages, Liga reports.

Currently, the law binds to file electronic declarations by April 1 for certain categories of officials and public servants. This year, activists of anti-corruption NGOs were bound by the same obligation.

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