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The anchor of NewsOne claims she was fired for airing “personal opinion about Poroshenko”

The anchor of the TV channel NewsOne Nadiya Sass claims she was fired from the channel due to her “aired personal opinion about the high officials of the state”. Sass claims this on her personal Facebook page, “Ukrainska pravda” reports.

“Yesterday (December 22) after lunch, in a day before my scheduled working day, the owner of the channel Yevhen Muraev and editor-in-chief Roksolana Zavinska told me that the channel will cease working with me. The official version is: for violation of professional standards and aired personal opinion about the country’s high officials”, she wrote.

The incident in question is the words of Sass aired after the speech of the President, Petro Poroshenko, after the speech of PEtro Poroshenko at presentation of “The Book of Good” on December 9, where he asked everyone “to share their good”.

“If he shared all good he has in off-shores and he received from Lipetsk factory, it would be the best for all Ukrainians”, the anchor said then.

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