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SBU, based on court judgment, provided the declarations to journalists of “Nashi Hroshi. Lviv”

On January 5, as execution of the judgment of Lviv Court of Appeals, the Security Service of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivska oblast sent to the editorial office of “Nashi Hroshi. Lviv” the copies of declarations of their high officials. This was reported on the Facebook page by the journalist of “Nashi Hroshi” Yuria Kostiuk, “Detector media” reports.

In particular, the declaration of the head of the department, P.O. Didukh, first vice head of the department S.K. Tsidylo, deputy head of the department B.B. Horshko, and head of the department for combating corruption and organized crime, O.P. Saliuk.

As IMI reported before, in April of 2017, the journalists of “Nashi Hroshi. Lviv” sued the Department of SBU in Ivano-Frankivska oblast for not providing them public information on request. The journalists requested copies of property, incomes, spendings and debts declarations of financial nature for 2014 and 2015 of head of the Department Mr. Didukh and his deputies. SBU refused to provide this information then giving as an argument that personal information cannot be disclosed without consent of the relevant individuals, and the information on SBU officers who are involved in intelligence and counterintelligence work also constitutes state secret.

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