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Radio presenter “UA: Ukrainian Radio Podillya” died

Photo credit: Dorofeyev’s Facebook

On Monday, August 12, the journalist, radio presenter of “UA: Ukrainian Radio Podillya” Serhiy Dorofeev was killed. This was reported by his colleagues “UA: Podillya” on the site of the Khmelnytsky Branch of the National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine.

According to preliminary data from the PodillyaNews, Serhiy Dorofeyev had an accident while cycle ride.

“Hromadske. Media Detector “added that on August 3, the radio preseneter posted a video of one of his programs and signed it:” The guests of our last broadcast on the radio “Podillya-Center” were Elena Golyak and Marina Bortnik-Gulevat. ” When asked why the “last”, Serhiy Dorofeyev jokingly said: “I’m tired, I’m leaving.”

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