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Journalist for 5 Kanal blames law enforcement officers to damage equipment

Lesya Golovata, journalist for 5 Kanal, filed a complaint to the police saying the law enforcement officers broke her microphone and seized the camera stand. The incident happened near Podil district police station, while the TV crew was filming the detention of a group of ultra nationalist among whom there were representatives of C 14 organization, as to Hromadske.

As to Golovatathe TV equipment was damaged in a crush, but no physical force was used against the journalists.

To remind, February 9, the police clashed with ultra nationalists during a rally at a campaign event of presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko. Right before Tymoshenko met with her supporters, police detained 20 people who claimed that they came to peacefully rally in support of a proper investigation of the murder of activist Kateryna Handziuk who died in 2018 after an acid attack, as KyivPost reported.

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