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In Rivne, editorial office of media outlet “Chetverta Vlada” was set on fire

In the evening of February 22 in Rivne, unidentified man threw bottles with combustive mix into the editorial office of information and analytical portal “Chetverta vlada”, and caused fire that demolished one room. No one was injured, although there were some people in the office. This was reported to IMI by vice-editor-in-chief of the website “Chetverta Vlada” Antonina Torbich.

According to Antonina, there were four people in the office, including her son, a minor. The attacker threw in two six-liter bottles and escaped. The journalists used buckets to put out the fire.

The attack, according to Mrs. Torbich, was “definitely” related to their journalist activities – the website team conducts and publishes investigations about illegal construction sites, seizure of land, corruption and violations in various spheres. For this reason, there are many people who could wish to harm them.

The police was called to the site, but the attacker managed to flee.

As IMI reported before, on February 17, the provider that provided hosting to the media outlet was burglared, resulting in loss of their web-site data and shut-down of the website. Chief editor of “Chetverta Vlada” Volodymyr Torbich considers this not a simple theft, but an obstruction of journalist activities of the media outlet.

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